Play the letter game!

Hi everybody come play the letter game how you play is you look at the letters and than you log on to webkinz world and go to the arcade look at the letters on the game and guess which letter belongs to which game and than you email me and tell me what you think they are and who ever has the most right get a prize but it is a good prize!

so enter at cmillerga@yahoo.net

here are the letters there are 11. letters. good luck


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Happy 4th of july

happy 4th of july everybody!!!!!!

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Look at this new ones retired!

I sow this and i just had to put it on my site. Is any mad about this like i am? If you are tell me!


i have made a wedsite just for ordering headers and avaters so go cheak it out and order one today, also the address for it is above.




hi everybody i have uplouded the futere webkinz page so go there and look at it



Made new adds for the site

Hi i have made new adds for the site if you want to put one on your site thats fine with me just copy and past ans their you go!